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i'm confused. when you query a publisher, do yu have to have  a book propals. i thought book propals was for proposing a book idea, but if the book is finsihed do you have to have a propsal, along with a synopisis and sample chapter? or, do you have to wrtie a book proposa as well. thnaks for your help.

Hi Sara,
It is normal, if a book is already completed to only hand in a synopsis (one page) and the completed manuscript. If you are dealing directly with a publisher, this should be fine. However, it is more usual to approach a publisher via an agent. If you don't have an agent, then I would approach one with a proposal, a synopsis and a couple of sample chapters. Do point out that the manuscript is complete as this will enhance your chances of being taken on by an agent.
All the best with your manuscript.


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