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How do I get my writings to be Edited and published?          and printed also.   Ray

Dear Raymond
I will take the questions and answer them individually.
With regard to editing there are a number of professional editors on our website and they all cost money.  I have suggested to others that if they know and english teacher or professional from their past they ask that person for help and usually the folks are glad to do it.
With regard to publishing my suggestion is onece the book is in electronic format from Quark to MSWord that you get it printed out and then send it our for print quotes we would be glad to print and provide a quote.  Selling is up to you you can send it our to reviewers or others for their input.  The reason I say start off small is you have to define the market and acceptance for your book it is like a product and people need to want to buy it.  Hope this helps my email is below if I can be of further assistance.

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When you are ready to print your book I can help you with how to prepare your book for the printer, what to expect from a printer and what you must understand yourself. How long does it take to print a book and methods of printing that make sense and what your costs should be in the process.


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