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Question book "Band-Aide" Survival Guide for Bands and Gigs, has a publication date of May 1, 2005 and the publisher has it being set up right now in galley form.  We just found out that there is a a musical group called BAND AID, so that is why we added an E to the end of AIDE, for our book title...Since we changed the book title to AIDE, so as not to add any reference to the band's name, are we legally OK and won't be sued for this? I believe there was a concert on TV called BAND AID, and a group called BAND AID, but our book is called BAND-AIDE (with an E) at the end...thanks..ANGIE

Hi Angela,

Good question!  You have no worries at all. Don't add the "E"

Because the words "Band" and "AID" are in general use you can stick with your original title (which is great). Nobody can own individual words... and there is no ambiguity in your title. I suggest you change back to Band Aid as the "e" does look a little silly!

It sounds like a great book. Good luck with it.



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