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i am 15 years of age, and i live in kenai alaska,
 and i was wondering a few things,
1: how can i start a book,
2:who would publish this book of mine if its good enough,
  i have written alot of stuff for local newspapers, and i want to be a good writer when i grow up, but i cant get in touch, (i have no connections, i live in alaska.......)
  so, that would be about it, thank you....

Try to use the Internet. Look in search engines for articles about how to write a book. Narrow down your searches for what kind of book you want to write. Fiction or nonfiction? Absolutewrite.com and writersweekly.com has a lot of information. Fundsforwriters.com has an ebook for young writers. Most writers start out with no connections. Nowadays you can live anywhere thanks to email. Good luck.


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