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Other than the payment to literary agent which is 15% of what the author makes, what are the other costs to the author?(Publishers,ect.)
Also how much do authors make per book sold?
Finally how many copies of a book are sold on average?

Thanks for the question this is a very complicated question to answer but will try.  There are two routes to go in the publishing game.  The first is with a publisher and there are many.  It is also the least profitable unless you get really lucky.  Publishers review books and reject a bunch of folks and at the end of the day most pay a royalty based on net sales and most published folks don't make much money but do most of the work.
Many folks opt for the self publishing route and will get their books printed and sell them themselves and keep the margin takes the same amout of work as working with a publisher but you control your destiny as well as your costs.
A website to check out is parapublishing.com self publsihing is a 11 plus billion dollar business so you may want to consider it.

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