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in my story there are a range of ages.
most of which i find hard to express. because they are not my age and i dont know how they think and act.
these are the ags:

So how old are you, anyway? Have you ever met and interacted with anyone of these ages? Can you find a place in your neighborhood where people of these ages might be interacting with one another? Unless you're writing this question from an underground bunker, you have absolutely no excuse for not knowing "how they think and act."

The best fiction is rooted in non-fiction. Go out and interact with people in these age groups. Sit down at a coffee shop and listen to people of these age groups interacting with one another. Look to your own family for inspiration. Spy! It's okay, you're a writer now. You can eavesdrop on people's conversations, and you can stare at other people without being rude. Walk around and take in as much as you can, as many people as you can, and you'll be able to develop character sketches based on what you experience.


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