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Hi my name is Victor Wallace and I would really like to write a fantasy book kinda like Jordan but I'm stuck on how to name and explain characters, that and I dont really know how to create a world of good and evil where people use magic and thers creatures of dark and light. I could really use some advise.

Dear Mr. Wallace:

Writing is a beautiful though difficult life; yes, that's correct - it is not a job or profession; writing is a life commitment. It takes many years of study, and then the rejection factor is staggering.  When we write, we present a piece of our 'self' for others to view.  What we choose to write - the characters, the environments, the themes, subtexts, the unexplored territory - is a manifestation of the rich, profound soil where these elements were nurtured before their birth.

I felt compelled to preface the answer to your question with the above statement because I hear you telling me your goal, and when reading your question, I can see in front of my eyes where you are in regards to reaching that goal; you are far, far away.  You wish to write a book, yet, your query is only one sentence, and the composition of that sentence shows me that you have yet to learn how to write a sentence - a single thought with a capital at the beginning and a period at the end, and most importantly, proper punctuation between the two.

I cannot answer your question because you are not yet at the juncture where you will comprehend the answer.  Note that I said, "not yet," because if you can dream it, you can achieve it!

In this spirit, allow me to offer this advise; please, do not concern yourself with learning about character, theme, subtext, plot and story elements.  First, concern yourself with learning how to use the mechanics (punctuation, grammar, spelling, word usage, etc.)of our English language.  Sir, I say this with respect and admiration for your noble goal of writing that book; you are asking me to tell you how to build a house, yet your tool-box is empty.

It is my sincere hope that after your anger at me calms down, you will stand back and consider what I've said.  Should you do so, you will certainly reach your goal more swifly, and the journey will be a satisfying one.

Your friend,
Youngbear Roth, Executive Editor
"Educating our client is job-one."

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