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hello i have started to write a book well part of it and i have written it from the top of my head is this ok with writeing a book i did do some planing but it was not very well. i do not know how to put the charters apperances in and what to do for the bad person  

Hello Ashlee:

So you have started a book.  That's wonderful! Most every young writer starts out knowing nothing or almost nothing about the process. So you are in good company!

I assume you are young, possibly still in school. My advice to you would be to pay close attention in your English classes, wherever spelling and punctuation are discussed. These things are important for writers. Even if all you do is write a brief history of your life for the benefit of your children and grandchildren, they will be much more inclined to read it if your spelling and punctuation are correct. It is very hard to read text with no punctuation and poor spelling. The reader is forced to slow down and put the punctuation in themselves! This distracts severely from the story.

For right now, put aside your concerns with characters and "the bad person." No doubt those problems will work themselves out in the writing process. What you want to concentrate on now is (1) Writing like a real writer - punctuation and spelling, (2) reading as much as you can with the view to learning from authors how they got the effects they wanted, and (3) concentrate on finishing a draft. Get into the habit of writing every day and of finishing a quota number of pages each day, even if it is only one, of the best work you are capable of NOW. Keep doing this until it becomes automatic. You may write 4-5 books before you start turning out accomplished work.

In the meantime, read and write and don't worry - write what pleases you and have fun with it!

I hope this has helped. If it has, a nice rating would be greatly appreciated. I am proud of my "straight 10" record over 185+ questions!

And good luck with your writing.

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