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i have written a poetry book but before i ship it somewhere to get published. i wanted to know the steps to copyrighting my book?


The simple act of putting your words down in "permanent" form (in other words, writing them down on paper) secures your copyright.

Yes, that's all there is to it.  There's no big process, no mysterious magic you have to perform.  I know a lot of poeple are afraid of their work being "stolen" by editors or publishers. But the truth is that it almost never ever happens, and in those EXTREMELY rare cases when it does, it's mostly ideas being swiped, not actual text.  Which means, for poetry, you've got nothing to worry about.

If you're a truly paranoid person, though, and want to make sure there's a way to prove that your words are, in fact, yours, here's something cheap and easy to do.  Take a copy of your work and mail it off to yourself.  When you receive it, do not open it.  Simply file it away somewhere.  The postmark on the envelope is dated evidence of when you had the material.  So if, three years later, someone publishes your work under their name, you can sue their butts and have the physical evidence to back it up.  (But again, you have a higher likelihood of being struck by lightning than this happening to you.)

Now, once a work is actually published, you might wish to REGISTER the copyright (not necessary prior to publishing) with the government.  This is very, very simple.  All you do is fill out a form, pay a small fee, and mail a couple copies of the book to the copyright office.  Full details at http://www.copyright.gov.

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