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hiya, thanks for making yourself available! my problem is finding a freeware version book writing word processor that is'nt complicated like a ms product. i like writing, but lack the education for understanding all the terms, or how to setup the process. i have just started using Rough Draft, very nice book writer, however, i can't get my saved work back into edit mode. would you recomend one that does a little more while staying user friendly for dropouts? i'm just too old and onerrey to go back to school, and want to focus on learning one program. i use win95, 98 and xp. your suggestion is greatly appreiciated. Thanks!

Most who are seeking an alternative to MSWord or WordPerfect turn to Open Office (available free at  It may not, however, be as simple a program as you're seeking.  Few are, because most authors will want a program that will handle indexing and other more or less complex tasks.

I'd suggest you visit Google and use "word processor" as your search topic.  You'll get more hits than you can easily handle but it you're willing to spend some time sifting through the results you probably can find something close to what you're seeking.

Good luck.

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