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hi mr. wales
i was wondering about my ending. Because, for me the ending is the most important part of the story, and i just dont know how i should go about it.Also conflict, there needs to be a big conflict something dramatic and life altering and i dont know what to do! My book is fiction and a little fantacy if that helps


This is a difficult question to answer without having more information.  Obviously, I can't suggest an ending for you, or a big climax for the story.  The story itself would dictate those to you... an outsider like myself can't make any suggestions without reading your entire manuscript.

But that brings me to another question:  How far along are you?  Are you actually well into the first draft, or are you still in the outlining stages, or what?

Also, how much training have you had?  Have you taken classes or read books on fiction writing?  If not, I highly recommend you do so.  There are a lot of great books out there, and most any large bookstore will carry several.  Your local library should have at least one or two, as well.  

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For four years, I taught a series of fiction writing classes in Sacramento, CA.

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