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hi, i need a little help on an essay i have to write for a competiton. it is called *children--the future of europe*,that is, the importance of the youth in a society. i just need a few ideas you may suggest, also if you can advise me on the style, the punctuation, anything you think is important in that kind of essays. MY QUESTION IS NOT A HOMEWORK ONE, i dont want you to write my essay, i just want advise. thanks!!!

Hello Emma:

It is difficult for me to advise you - give you advice - without something to advise on, but I do have a few hints:

You must come up with your own ideas. Someone else's won't do.

There are several types of essays:

Argumentative - an argument, basically, in which you argue both sides of an assertion and come up with some conclusion.

Cause and Effect - showing how one event causes another.

Definition Essays - defining something, like "ergonomic."

Evaluation Essays - evaluating a performance, product, or program, etc.

Informational - includes interviews, results of research, etc.

Narrative - most like stories, except that it is generally written in the first person. May contain reflections, declaractions or ruminations.

Your essay could fall under several of the above categories. Choose from one of these and write a draft. Use your spell-checker, then come back and we'll talk about anything that concerns you.

Another hint: you can learn about essays by typing "how to write an essay" into your search engine. You can learn about the importance of youth in a society by typing that phrase into your search engine. You will not, of course, use everything that comes up, but doubtless someone has written about this before, and you may find many examples. Don't make your topic too big, so that it becomes unwieldy.

I hope this has helped. If it has, a nice rating would be appreciated. I am proud of my "99.999999" record over 160+ answers.

Good luck with your essay.  

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