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hi, i need a little help on an essay i have to write for a competiton. it is called *children--the future of europe*,that is, the importance of the youth in a society. i just need a few ideas you may suggest, also if you can advise me on the style, the punctuation, anything you think is important in that kind of essays. thanks!!!

Dear Emma,
Thank you for your question. You are writing from Europe? Your punctuation is different from ours, but even more important than punctuation is to concentrate on what you want to say.
I'm 48 years old, so i will give you a few ideas on the importance of youth in society, from my perspective.
For one thing, don't be fooled into thinking that old people have it all figured out. The years roll by whether you do anything to increase your sense of maturity or not. There are a lot of 50 and 70 year old kids running around who never learned to take responsibility for life. There are also some very mature young people. Many people have great achievements in their teens and twenties, then emerge gracefully into fulfilling careers as adults.
Since the old people have created problems they know they cannot solve, all they can do is hope that a young person will come along who will be able to solve the problems.
Therefore, they say that children are the future.
Another aspect of this is that old people who cannot solve problems turn apathetic, jaded, or cynical. People who turn cynical generally cannot solve problems anymore because they lose hope.
Young people are generally naive to the trials of life, so they remain idealistic and optimisitc. They can solve problems because they don't think that it's impossible or useless to try.
That's probably the greatest thing about youth. The young have the most hope and the greatest motivation to solve problems.
Old people may get to the point where they feel, "What's the use? I'm going to die in 20 years or less anyway."
He he. Well, i hope that my thoughts will spark some ideas for you. Think it over and then start writing about what YOU think. I recommend writing your ideas out in a journal, just to get your thoughts on paper. Then when you go to write the paper, start out by stating the hypothesis, then tell what you have found in your research, then sum it up and offer your conclusions.
If you want to discuss further, feel free to write back.
And please do something to help the world. I'm getting older, but i'm not apathetic. I'm full of hope, especially since there are young people coming along who care about the planet. It will all be up to your generation someday and i pray to god that you do better than the baby boomer generation has done so far.

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