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John German, M.Ed. wrote at 2013-10-18 17:22:25
I too have had a similar experience. I feel it is an experience that I'm confident is one of which many will benefit. In fact, I'm certain it will add to the quality of the many "self-help" books on the shelves today that really will not lead others to really improve themselves or to create a plan for the remainder of their lives. As a School Counselor and educator of 30+ years, I find myself thinking often how to maximize my experiences as an abused child, a counselor, and a teacher of children in grade K-College systems. For an only child who grew up in poverty as part of a family circle where I was the only member who graduated from high school, college, and who received an M.Ed. in

Counseling, I have overcome. My story has all the ingredients of a story that I know many will want to read, but I must admit not knowing where to start. I would gladly share the revenue from what I know will be a good book for the skills and information needed to put it together.  

John wrote at 2013-10-18 18:00:13
Forgive me, but I forgot to thank you for your opportunity and not make me have to pay for it.  

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