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i have just finished the first thirty pages of my book which is about a world called Mystia which is made up of six realms. One of the realms has been under attack for fifty six years. Their enemy the Aszevarians have not recorded a single defeat during all of the fifty six years and they now prepare to march on the city of Dragosfeld, the last free city of the Flaerian race. My story follows the tale of Herios, a young army general who must lead his men to victory in Dragosfeld and must then march on the lands which rightfully belong to the Flaerians and take back the freedom of the Flaerian realms. What do you think to the general idea?


Well, honestly, you're not giving me much to judge by.

Could this be a good story?  Sure.  Could it be a bad one?  Of course.  It's all in the execution of it.

Good ideas for stories are a dime a dozen, after all.  But not all good ideas translate to good stories.  That takes hard work.

When you describe for me a story's concept only in terms of plot, I confess that my mind sort of glazes over.  Plot is, in my not-so-humble opinion, entirely secondary to character.

If you focus only on plot, with little attention paid to character growth, then you're going to end up with just one more book that is read (and perhaps enjoyed) today, but forgotten by next week.  Bookstore shelves are littered with them.

But if Herios is a character that the reader can really empathise with... if what he goes through makes for great inner conflict (echoed by the external conflict of the plot)... if you can make the reader ache inside when something bad happens to him...  then you're not only doing well, but rising above the bookstore detritus.  

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