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i am in the beginnings of writing a fantasy novel and hopefully eventually a trilogy. But i think that my work will be seen as a cliched piece because i have over religious elves that worship the moon, and about three elf subraces, and the plot is basically the world is being taken over slowly by a dark race with a seat of power within a magic-rich land. i don't know if all of this is cliched but i would enjoy feedback. are elves too cliched for anyone to write about them anymore?  

In my opinion, asking if elves are too cliche to write about anymore is like asking if love is too cliche to write about.  A particular thing (be it elves, love, or whatever) is never cliche.  It's the TREATMENT of it that can be.

There's nothing new under the sun, it's said... and that's pretty much true.  Most stories are composed of very familiar elements.  What makes a story memorable and non-cliche is a fresh treatment of the topic.

So if your elves can easily be distinguishable from Tolkein's elves, or the elves of a hundred other authors, you've got nothing to worry about.

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