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Right know I'm writing a book about a teenage girl but catered to adults. What do I do when I finish? I writing because I have vivid imagination and decided  to focus this imigination towards a book? What would be my next steps if and when I finish?

I hope this is in your area. I read you profile and choose you.

I also write poetry but not sure if its any good.


If this is your first book, and I gather that it is, I would worry about several other things besides what you'll do when you finish.

The first thing I'd do is learn about writing.  Pick up a few books on the subject of writing novels, at any decent bookstore or library.  There's a heck of a lot more to good writing than just putting down words on a page.

Before attempting to send your book out into the world, you should make it the best work it can be, after all.  Very few people are born novelists.  Though many are born with a great creative streak and ideas aplenty, crafting a good novel is a lot of hard work, re-writing, etc.  It takes an understanding of structure that may not be inherent in many people.

But let's say you've done that.  You've learned the craft and polished this book to its shiniest.  Your decision then is what would you LIKE to do with it?  Is this something you think a major publisher would be interested in?  Or maybe a smaller press?  Or perhaps you'd like to take a shot at self-publishing, hoping the higher profit margin will pay off for you.

Once again, there's learning involved.  Learn about the publishing industry, about agents, etc.  Again, plenty of books out there on these subjects, not to mention lots of sites online.

But I recommend you not worry much about this at this stage of the game.  There are plenty of other things for you to focus your energies on.  Namely, becoming the best writer you can be.

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