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       Could you please recommend me site /resources /books ...on storytelling and building characters ? It is the first time ,and i would like to have some written instruction on my mind . Mainly how to build the action ......
        I would like also to make a question on Journalism,in case you can help me . I was considering to go for postgraduate degree on journalism departments . Iwas consideirng something releveant to technology ,like .Your opinion ?


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Question -
         I was considering to give the material to  professional translator before doing anything ......
         Iam considering to use symbols /myths from ancient greek culture and philosophy .Have characters, that will embody universal values like HOPE /FRIENDSHIP ....etc ,writing in a simple way .I want to touch issues like Sadness -Hope - Market in the real world ,given to children through story telling .
         Your opinion ? Do you think that children and their parents would be interested ? It sounds out of their prefernece or something that would be read from adults too . That confuses me .......Your opinion ?

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Question -
    iam from Greece and i write a children's book .I consider to cmmunicate with publishing houses from abroad -UK/USA- to publish and market my book ,since the greek market is small and indifferent .
       Do you think i have a chance ?
thank you for the time and the consideration  
Answer -
Yes, there's a chance, but I'd strongly recommend that you find a bilingual individual who can translate your manuscript into English before you submit.  I doubt that many US/UK publishers will have translators available.

I'd also plan on submitting illustrations or illustration ideas with the manuscript in that they're essential components of the product in the children's market.

Good luck.
Answer -
Please keep in mind that I'm but one individual and that my tastes and reactions are not likely to be representative of those of any group.

Personally, I like your concept.  You might even use some of the characters from Greek mythology to personify the values you're addressing.

I can envision this approach resulting in a series of books for pre-school children -- material that might be read to them by their parents that would address the values you mentioned and, perhaps, simultaneously convey a bit of information concerning Greek mythology.

In summary, yes, I think children and parents will be interested.  I hope you'll pursue the project.

I'd suggest you search  You'll find many books on this topic.  Some listings include sample pages.  You should find several here that will meet your needs.

As to the educational question, you'll find any U.S. institution that is (a) regionally accredited and (b) has an accredited journalism program to be suitable.  The program you mention meets both criteria.

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