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A friend told me that I have what it takes to write a book. An inspirational book to be exact. I want to know exactly what it is I need to do to get started? I have a history, however, I am just clueless at this point to everything in regards to book writing.
Can you help?

Dear Arnessa,
Thank you for your questions. If you have a book in you, the trick is to get it to come down your arms and out of your fingers onto paper. The number one book to help with this is Writing the Natural Way, by Gabriele Lusser Rico. You can find it linked to my writing page under "good books":
Also consider reading The Elements of Style. Every non-fiction writer (and every writer, for that matter) should read that book at least once a year. The last section is the bible for all writers. Another good book is On Writing Well, by William Zinsser. They're all linked to my page.
The main idea is to start clustering about your subject and then start writing it. It will probably take a lot of drafts before you get something close to the book that you see in your mind, but keep trying.
Then the next step is to find a publisher. At my writer's page there is an article called "How to Find a Publisher." There's a lot of competition, but if you are determined you can find a publisher. However, as they say, don't quit your day job, because even a highly successful book will only pay the author's groceries for a little while, then you have to write another one.
There are other reasons to write a book besides money, so if you have strong motivation, you can add something worthwhile to the bookshelves and make the world a better place.
If you have any further questions, feel free to write back.

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