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Hi Kenneth,

I really found your answers to other people very helpful & you answered many that I had!  I had a look & really found your website very worthwhile. Bravo!

I am a creative writer who has poor grammar, punctuation and spelling skills.  
(Thank Goodness for spell check!)
I also tend to write all over the place, some handwritten, some bits on computer, jumping from scene to scene... when the urge hits or the idea comes I have to write RIGHT now!  So now comes the not so fun part for me, polishing it up for even YOU to look at it prior to editing. Should I be sending you just my very best work (which remains yet to be seen) Or will you assess works in progress.  I'm not in a hurry to publish and would even prefer just an analysis of my different writting styles.  Could an alternate arrangement be made?  Do you have any radio documentary experience?
Thanks for volunteering your time!  You have already helped me!

self proclaimed artist,writer&muse

p.s.  Note my over use of exclamation marks!  It's my worst habit... well... I do like these..........


I look at all ranges of writing, from first drafts to near-finished copies. I PREFER to look at writing that isn't already too polished. That way, I can offer any suggestions to the story and the writing before the writer has reached a point where he/she doesn't want to change anything. Better to iron out the mistakes early than let them become reinforced in revisions.

I'd be happy to offer you any advice I can with your writing, and we could figure out a price based on your specifications of HOW you want me to help. Contact me at and we'll iron something out.


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I can answer any question related to grammar, English style usage, and elements of fiction in addition to helpful advice on plot, characterization and setting, or any general writing questions.


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