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Dear Mr. Wales,
I enjoy writing poetry and song lyrics. I am getting prepared to start my first book. Do you find it easier to write a summary of your story first and let it grow from there ? Do you prefer to spend some time on each character so that the reader gets to know them, or do you like to let them grow as the story goes on?

Thank you for your time,
Ty Oglesby


I don't care for summaries, myself.  They're too limiting.  Sometimes (though rarely) I will create a very bare-bones outline, but nothing with too much detail.  I prefer to let things develop organically.

And that's exactly what should happen with your characters.  You can't avoid having them "grow as the story goes on."  Or rather, if they DON'T grow in that fashion, something is seriously wrong.  

I DO, however, advocate spending time on the major characters so that YOU can get to know them.  For the major players in your story, you as the writer should know MUCH more about them than you ever reveal in your story.  You should have a very clear picture of what their lives were like, from childhood on.  Why?  Because then you'll really know the characters.  And as they say, "Write what you know."  Your characters will simply seem much richer to the readers, and that's a very desirable thing.

Hope that helps.

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