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I have written several "booklets" on bi-polar disorder and now I would like to get them published. Can/would you help me?  I've gotten the first one printed with about 25 page book.

Hello Sharon,

I think I must ask this question first. Are you a professional... is this a technical project? Or are you writing a story based on your own experiences?

Without this provided, I can't direct you specifically. However, I can offer several suggestions for you to consider regardless of the genre and situation and perhaps get you started.

You could consider: researching an agent who could help you in this field of expertise to get you connected to the right publisher; or, you can skip the agent research and go directly to publishers by searching them online to see what their submission policies are. You can self publish. I recommend for this, but I'm sure there are others.

If you provide me with more information, I might be able to offer you better help.

For now, I hope this helps.



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