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Question -
i want to base my book in the midwest somewhere.  i also want it to be a throwback setting around the 1950's.  should i do in depth research to pick a certain town or county for my setting, or does any of that matter since the book is fiction?  i want a sense of realness in the setting so i feel it's necessary to research certaing geographical areas of the united states.  what is your take on this?  if i take the time to research will it give the story more credit and value?
Answer -
Hello, Scott!

1)All fiction is based on fact.  Yes, do your research.
2)Good fiction suspends the reader's perception of reality.  Yes, do your research.
3)The characters we remember are those that are real for us - they jump off the page!  Yes, do your research.

Lastly, I see from reading your question that you need to learn to write English.  Your spelling is awful, your punctuation is worse, and your English usage is beyond anything I have ever seen.  Take some brush-up courses in English.  Consider the extra education part of your research.

Not trying to be mean, Scott - just trying to be real!

Best of luck!
Youngbear Roth, Executive Editor

whoa whoa whoa pardner (spelled like that on purpose).  my spelling is fine, with the exception of the extra "g" on the word certain.  chalk that up to typo.  secondly, my punctuation is there as well, and i don't use caps in email, call me lazy.  you make it sound as though i am uneducated and ain't got no good english (again...on purpose).  i appreciate the answer but eeeeeeeaaaaasy killer.  lastly, this is certainly not the way i would write a book, who needs to be proper sending emails?  what do you take me for?  harsh dude...harsh!!!  

Okay, Scott!

I don't owe you this, but I care about my craft, so, I am going to give you a little gift.  Whether you are communicating via email, snail-mail, fax, etc. - you must present yourself like a disciplined literary professional at all times.  You must shine like a diamond from the word "Hello."

The only way that a literary professional has of knowing you and the quality of your work is by the words they currently hold in hand.  If my team received your email requesting editing services, we would have turned you down after the second sentence; who wants to waste time with a non-professional too lazy to hold down the shift key?

I really do wish you the best, that's why I am here.  You need to work on your package.  Remember, you are not only an artist, you are a business professional with a product to sell.  Publishers invest millions (billions?) in your project, and they won't be motivated to so by anything less than perfection.

Youngbear Roth, Executive Editor
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