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I am thinking about writing a book about my life. I want to tell my story about the true love that I lost and am now reunited with. I just basically need to know where to start. Do I just start writing or should I research first?

Dear Billie:

My wife and I were having dinner with an oral surgeon just the other night.  He mentioned that he was going on a vacation from his practice and thought he might write a book.  I replied that I too happened to be taking some time off, and I thought it might be interesting to perform an operation.

Writing a book is something you work your way into after spending a period of time (usually about ten years) studying English style and mechanics, reading (writers do not read the same as other folks), literature, and a course or two in creative writing and the field you wish to write about - in your case, romance.

After you have that under your belt (about a year or so), you will want to get your feet wet by writing short stories or essays for magazines, journals, etc.  By the time you are ready, really ready, to write a book, (a huge undertaking of extended length that will take you away from friends and family) you'll know exactly what you want to write and how to write it because you will have trained for it.  A surgeon does not look at a copy of Gray's Anatomy and wonder if he should read the book first or just go ahead and operate - he is a trained professional who knows how to do his job.

It is not my intention to sound arrogant or mean, but to be honest with you and save you heartache down the line.  I can't advise you to begin by writing or by researching since both are an art and craft and you must learn how to perform them before you can decide to use one or both tools to reach your goal.

My best to you,
Max Roth

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