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what are the best ways of increasing suspense for the readers?

Well of course the obvious answer is cliff hangers.
The best wat to increase suspense is using cliff hangers at the end of chapters, that makes the reader want to read on, but if you want it to have more suspense. you could have a sub plot in your story so you can go to that after a major cliff hanger in the main story, it keeps the reader enticed but make sure not to make that bit go on too long otherwise the reader will get bored or irritated. I suggest 1 or 2 chapters, and if you want to be REALLY dramatic leave a cliff hanger in the sub plot as well, but you may want to practice this and show it to people first before you put it in the story otherwise it get too frustrating for the reader and they can be put off.

Another thing is to allways keep the character in danger, maybe not always in combat or something like that but keep them cautious and wary that at any moment the bad thing in your story will happen.
For example lets say you were writing a thriller story.
you could have the main character being chased by the army or the police or some sort of magical force if you want it to be a bit like a fantasy.
Keep the character always on the run and his/her's opponents can pop up along the way, but not all the time, you dont have to make them be on the move all the time, they could drop into a city for a while to get information from someone or to save someone, like a sister who was already in jail etc.

The final idea is to have the character have a secret, and of course somewhere along the line someone finds out about it.
It can be small or large and you have to use your imagination to come up with it i am afraid!

Well i hope that helped and good luck!  

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