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I've started many stories and have never finished any. I write about magic/ fantacy, romance and teenage drama. I've been inspired by, Vampire Kisses, and Harry Potter. Yet my stories are different... I know this is a vague explination... I can send you part of the book if you like, but I need help keeping the story going, it seems like I've lost inspiration in the middle of stories. Can you help me with this problem?


There could be any number of reasons for the difficulty you're having.  Is it inspiration you've lost, or is it interest?  Are you bored with the story?  Are you unsure in which direction to take things?

You mention other books that inspire you.  Does that mean that perhaps you're subconsciously trying to emulate them?  Trying to be like someone else is not going to keep you inspired.

Sometimes (especially with short fiction), the problem is that you have so much stuff to put in that you canít figure out how to include it all.

Sometimes (especially with longer fiction), you canít think of enough stuff to get you to your ending.

Sometimes you find yourself swamped with choices Ė about the order of scenes, character change, POV, etc.

I certainly can't tell where your own personal problem is with continuing your story.  Nor do I think looking at your story would help much, either, because I don't know what's going on inside your head.

One thing I recommend to all beginning writers is this: read as much as you can about the craft of writing fiction.  There are a huge number of books out there on the subject.  I'd recommend checking and reading the reader reviews of books that sound interesting.  Check your local bookstores, too, so you can actually flip through the pages and read bits here and there.

I realize this is a vague answer to your vague question... but as I said, it could be one of many different things at the root of your problem.

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