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i have translated a book from farsi to english and i want to publish it. i hear that the consent of the author(s) of the original farsi book is a must beforehand. is it true? also tell me which is the cheapest way to publish a book (and sell it to overseas)?
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Dear Farhad:
Yes, it is correct. You MUST get permission from either the authors and/or the publisher to re-print a book, regardless of the languages involved. There are specific foreign rights agreements created for this. If you do not, then you would be subject to lawsuits that would cost you more money than you could make from the book.

The cheapest way to publish a book would be to self-publish it. I recommend "The Self-Publishing Manual" by Dan Poynter to find out how to do that.


Many thanks for your kind reply,
however i feel you have not clarified to me my first question which is not concerning the reprint of the book but translating it. i have by my own initiation and without the knowledge of the author, translated his book into English and wnat to publish my translated version(and NOT reprint the original).
If still you believe i should gain permission of the Farsi book's author then it is strange for me to witness in many instances that a book (e.g. a famous novel like "War & Peace" is being translated every once in a while by someone into a foreign language?  

Dear Farhad:
I thought I did answer your first question. Apparently I do not know how to be more clear than what I said, so I will do it again. Please read the whole sentence:

You MUST get permission from either the authors and/or the publisher to re-print a book, regardless of the languages involved.

What I am saying is that it does not matter if you translate into English, from English, into Farsi, Spanish or French. It does not matter if I call it a re-print, translation or 2nd edition. YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO DO ANYTHING WITH THE ORIGINAL MATERIAL.

When "War and Peace" gets translated into another language you better bet that the foreign rights were sold and that permission was granted to the foreign publisher or they would have been sued from "Here to Eternity." What makes you think that just because you see a foreign edition of a book that permission was not granted and rights were not sold???

I have sold rights to my books in several foreign languages. If they were printed without paying me for the right and my granting them permission, I would sue them the instant I found out. I have relationships with people all over the world who would let me know. I had a student send to me something that another student copied from one of my books and distributed to the entire class. This is also not legal and a violation of copyright laws.


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