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Dear susan,i would like someone to write my life story.I have seen books in shops about murder,prostitution,rape,child abuse and domestic violence.Well i have genuinely experienced all of these.I have lived and survived to tell my story as an inspiration to other mothers/women.Is it worth me persuing this?and if so where do i begin? many thanks.

Dear Stacey:

Congratulations on picking the one subject no one in the world could write about except you! A very intelligent choice.

There is no reason why you can't write your own life story, unless you would simply prefer someone else do it. If you can't persuade family or friends, you will have to pay to have it "ghost written." I have no idea what other ghosts charge; I charge $15 per hour.

If you have indeed experienced all those things, you have some excellent material to work with: your thoughts and reactions while going through these experiences. Readers want emotion - that is how we connect to each other - and plenty of it.

If you decide to write it yourself, here are a few decisions you should make before you begin:

 1. How best to tell the story: should it be a poem, stage play, autobiography, newspaper article, what?
 2. How to arrange it: start at the beginning and go straight through to the end, or in some other fashion?
 3. If in some other fashion, what?
 4. How long do you want this work to be: novel-sized? Poem sized? Newspaper article-sized?
 5. This may require an investment of time of weeks for a poem, a month or more for a newspaper article, or years, perhaps, for a full-length autobiography. Do you have the dedication/ strength/endurance for such a lengthy project?

Once you have answered these questions for yourself, you will be ready to begin. At that time, come back and we will see how best to start.

I hope this has helped. If it has, a nice rating would be appreciated. I am proud of my "straight 10" record over 120+ questions!

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