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Dear Mr Brody,

1. Quick background info:

I am a Belgian national (or European national!) living in Brussels. BUT, I write in 'English' (I was educated in English).

I write non-fiction and have written 4 books (still working on them) and have never published. But, I am looking forward to moving on to publishing.

2. Question:

Since I write in 'English' I need to be published in the US! But, how do I get published in the US? How do I access it? I live in Brussels!

I am ok to put up the money to self-publish but I can't even get a 'real' international ISBN valid all over the World! Even the Amazon Advantage program is only for people living in the US!

Any tricks?

Many thanks,


ISBN numbers usually are acquired by publishers in behalf of their authors.  I know no reason why this would not be done for an overseas national.  Therefore, I'd suggest you proceed through the usual channels in submitting proposals to publishers, whose only major concern is the marketability of the works they're offered.

If, for some reason, you want to pursue an ISBN yourself, I believe you'll find the necessary information and forms on the Library of Congress web site.

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