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Dear Sir or Madam:

How does someone with a non-literary background market manuscripts from multiple genres? What can I do to help aquisition editors see me as a credible author?

If it is helpful, here is a bit of my background.

I am currently completing my Ph.D. in Natural Health and have 14 years experience as a physician assistant. I also have experience in Reiki, Taijiquan, intuitive readings and other holistic health practices. To make things even more eclectic, I did one of those online ordinations and can technically function as a minister if needed!

Throughout all of that, I have maintained my childhood interest in writing. I have had three poems published in contest anthologies, and a holistic health article published in a local magazine. One of my poems was quoted in another author's work (with my permission, of course.)

While I have been away from clinical work to care for my family, I have written a children's story, compiled a poetry manuscript, and have multiple book ideas: one children's nonfiction, one juvinile fiction, two adult non-fiction in holistic health, and two adult spiritualilty topics.

Being a student, I don't have resources beyond some stamps and the strongest query letter I can muster.

Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated!

Best Wishes to you all!

Ronda Snow

If you want information on how to market manuscripts, I suggest you seek out sales/marketing courses. Otherwise, contact some marketing firms and ask them to help you.

If your asking how to catch the eye of an editor, we can't answer this. We've never heard of anyone trying to catch the eye of an "editor" before. Editors are here for your "hire" period.

Have a great day.

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