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if your story is about john, and the reader sees the world through his eyes, should you use other words to describe him? for example. instead of saying "john went to the story." would you say "the youth went to the store." if not, how else can the writer refer to john without being repetive?

Hello Sara:

You have raised an interesting question. How DOES one avoid repetition when speaking of characters?

To use phrases like "the youth" or "the boy" is not recommended as they sound forced and awkward. Besides, if you have decided to use John's point of view throughout, he would not refer to himself as "The youth."

Characters are dealt with in two ways: action and dialogue. If John is alone in what he is doing, use "he." If he is in conversation with one other person, and you have established that it is John and X talking by using their names at the beginning of the conversation (and you separate their comments by beginning a new paragraph for each), you can leave off the identification. Always establish the name at the beginning of the action or conversation.

There is nothing wrong with repeating his name, so long as it is not overdone: in every other line, for example.

I hope this helps. If it does, a nice rating would be greatly appreciated. I am proud of my high score over 600 questions.

And good luck with your writing!

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