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Hi I get stuck trying to fill in the bits between passages of dialogue - narrative is not my strong point. Have you any suggestions that might make it easier or more enjoyable for me?


Narrative and other exposition elements (plot, story, environment, theme, and subtext) are taken care of 'BEFORE' you begin the actual writing of your novel, short story, or script.  When I say "taken care of," I mean that you should already have a strong, well-defined sense of each of the above mentioned elements, how they will fit together in a foundation, and how your work will grow from their foundation.

What are the specific methods we use to accomplish the above?

1) Develop your STORY CONCEPT.
3) Compose your ACTION-ONLY OUTLINE.

Each of the above steps calls for you to deeply consider all of the elements of your narrative, so that, when you begin your work in total, you won't have your narrative or elements of exposition growing out of the dialogue, but rather, you will have your dialogue growing out of the rich soil of your expository elements.  Yes, that's correct; you've done it backwards, and that usually is the most difficult way to do anything in life.  Sorry.

However, I believe I can be of service (for free).  The detailed description and answer you require about how to compose steps one through three above is far too long to answer in the AllExperts little dialogue box on my screen.  If you would be so kind as to go to my web site: http://www.successliterary.com, you will find my email link on almost every page of the site.  Email me with the subject line "AllExperts - require lecture series."  I will attach a microsoft word document of my university lecture series for Masters in expository writing, THE POWER OF THE WORD.  Set your printer to draft or economy mode and print it out and STUDY IT, and then STUDY IT AGAIN!  You will find writing an enjoyable experience afterwards because you will find yourself approaching it from the beginning instead of the end.

Don't be afraid to go to the web site; I won't try to sell you anything.

My best,
Max Roth
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