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Hi, My name is Matthew and im 15 years old and I always wanted to write books and make movies and I just need help finding ideas were and how could I find ideas for books and horror or drama please help me.


Dear Matthew,
That's a good ambition and i encourage you. At my website i have posted several articles you might find interesting:
Check out the Fiction Writing Workshop and How to Find a PUblisher. To write screenplays you will have to take a weekend seminar or other classes, because there's a special format for writing movie scripts.
However, you can do it. If you like to make up stories, you can get started anytime. Whenever you get ideas, write them down in your writer's journal. The ideas surface from your subconscious mind. If you don't write them down, they go back down into your subconscious and you forget them.
I also recommend that you study literature to see what other writers have already done. For example, Edgar Allen Poe was one of America's first writers and also one of the creepiest. You have to see what the masters have done before you.
Another suggestion is to find some sort of work you can do to put food on the table while you write. Being a writer doesn't make you a ton of money at first. You have to work your way into it. Get another profession you can do easily that will leave you time to write. For example, you could go into teaching, which would leave you the whole summer for writing. If you become a college professor, then they would expect you to write books to keep your job! ("PUblish or Perish" is the way in the academic world.) Journalism is another field where you could build up your reputation as a writer. Or, if you like working with your hands, you could get into carpentry or something else as a "day job" while you write. Once you have several successful books and screenplays you can retire from your day job into full time writing.
If you want to discuss further, feel free to write back anytime.

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due to hacking of this website I am no longer answering questions

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