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I am having difficulty structuring my novel. I know the story off by heart and have over 100,00 words written down but it needs an overhall. Can you give me ay advice that might make the process a little easier?

Dear Lyn:

"I am having difficulty structuring my novel ... It needs an overhall."

The above statement translates as, "Show me how to write a novel."  That's a HUGE task!  I also see from your question that you need to brush up on your spelling; and the reason I can see that is because you need to learn to proof and edit your work.

The information you require is far too involved for these tiny text boxes that AllExperts gives us to work with.  So, go to my web site at where you will find my email link on almost every page.  Email me with the header "AllExpert Lyn to Youngbear."  I will send you an MS Word attachment of my lesson plan for structuring a novel from step one to the final proof and edit.  This is free to you - no strings of any kind, I promise.  While you are on the site, take a look around - you might learn something!

Best of luck to you,
Youngbear Roth

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