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out of the blue i started writing a book, most of the family members that read it till now says it is good and would like to read further.

i don't know how to plan the complete outlay of the book, and how everything fits togeather.

the book contains murder, sex, extortion, greed one party framing another etc.

could you help me

Dear nico botha:

In framing your question, you demonstrated that you require the need for classes in English style, mechanics, punctuation, grammar, etc.  The truth is, I cannot communicate to you on the complexities of manuscript construction until your written English improves.  Take a semester or two of English classes at your local college or even senior high school.

If I try to help you at this point, you will feel great frustration and confusion.  This is certainly not the answer you wanted or hoped for, but, my friend, it is the answer you need at this time.

Best of luck to you!
Max Roth

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