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is using microsoft word, landscape and two columns the way to write a book, and how many pages should i be writing in this formatt for it to be a novel, with one space inbetween words.

Well, you can do that way, but I don't suggest it...if and when you send your novel in to an editor or even to a critique group, it should be double spaced, in Courier or Times Roman, 12 point.  That gives you approximately 250 words per page and is the standard layout for a manuscript.

The number of pages depends on the genre and type of story you are writing.  If, for example, your book is going to be about 70,000 words, simply divide the number of words by 250 or in this case, you would need to write 280 pages.

Hope this helps...you can also google manuscript layout at most of the publishing houses as they demand a certain format for submission.


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