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I don't know exectly what plots are interesting today. So many ideas have come out recently. How do I know if my plot is any good?

Dear Ms. Bautista:

You kept your question simple, so, I will follow suit with my answer:

The best place to find plots that are interesting and relevant to today's readers are from current newspapers, news journals, and magazines.

How do you know if your plot is good?  In my experience, if you stick with the basic three-act-structure (setup, confrontation, and resolution), your plot will support your story.

Remember, a good plot contains points of conflict in each act and does not telegraph the story ahead of itself.

A good place to test your plot before you become mired in the heavy labor of writing a full manuscript is to write a working treatment.  This treatment is composed of action, not dialogue, and in this way your plot becomes the main focus of the treatment.  It is in the treatment that you may study your plot in its basic form.

Terms to investigate:

Three-act structure.
Plot point.
Story concept.

I hope I've given you a direction to take in your writing!

Max Roth

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