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for a very long time i have been inspired to write a book, however i am not quite sure how to "connect" all the elements and characters of the plot.
please give a little guidance on this?

Hello, Sam!

The question you are asking, "...how to connect all of the elements and characters..." is a very long and involved question.  I have a text of seven lessons.  At the end of the seventh lesson you will have written a complete book-length project.  In order to receive the text (It's free, Sam.  I won't try to sell you anything.) go to my web site at http://www.successliterary.com and email me from the site.  My email is posted on almost every page of the site.  In your subject header type - "Sam from AllExperts..." so that I don't delete your email, and remind me that I offered to send you the text.  I will email it to you as an MS Word attachment that you may print up.  It is quite long; you will want to set your printer for "econonmy" print.

My best,
Youngbear Roth

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