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Writing Books/problem of forget many work


I want write a daily book because i forget many important work .I want to keep maintance of my work.
so my question is that how to maintain our shedule by writing daily book.


Writing a scedule is easy, it's sticking to it thats the problem!
Every writer starts off by saying that they are going to stick to a certain schedule but it never happens, there are always things you need or want to do first its part of being human! You should set a schedule but dont count on sticking to it. Try to plan to do one hour or half an ours writing when you go to bed or wake up, it is found that that is the time when a writers imagination comes out, after a long rest and being able to take things from a dream prehaps and at the end of the day when you can use the experiances from the day.

Good luck, hope this helps and tell me if there are any other problems!

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i have written many books and i have picked up a lot of tips from others and learned things myself from my writing.

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