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Hello, Ms. Taylor;
  I am currently doing a review for an e-book I read in the martial arts/althernative health category. I plan to either use my review as a report or to post on my website, which I will have designed very soon.          
  My question is, when you do an independent review on an e-book you have just read, and plan to make this review public (whether it be posting it in a website, putting it out in either an article or report, etc...), do you have to get the author's permission? I know in certain cases, you have to get the author's permission, or at the very least use proper documentation when you use their ideas or research for your own use, but what about just for a review? You really aren't using their ideas - just commenting on them.
  Also, is there a "proper" way to do a review/critique without completely "bashing" the book or the writer? I know when you do a critique/review, you have to give the good and the bad, and I've seen how some "movie" reviewers, at least, really put down some movies (and some of the movies are the ones I love, too!). I realize that these people are just giving their opinion and nothing else, but I was wondering if there was a way to critique a book without damaging the author or his reputation.

David Ho

P.S.: If you like, I could send you a sample of my first critique. Just let me know how I should send it.

No, you don't have to get the author's permission. I've posted reviews without them.
As for the proper way to review, it is best to be tactful. Tell what you don't like about the book and what you wish it would've said. You can do that without being hurtful. Instead of saying, "I hate the way she talks about that subject", you could say, "She could've worded that differently". You can criticize without being hateful.


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