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  I have a few hobbies, one of which is creative writing.  I have been pondering the idea of furthring my education in a community college and writing a novel (it is partally completed in rouph form).
  However, somthing is bothering me: I am absolutly terrified of public speaking; when I am speaking in front of a group the fear causes me to have an out of body experience!  My voice and my body noticeably shake.
  my question is:  Is it required that writers do public readings, speeches, etc.?  Is there a way around it--like publishing e-books?  
  mabee I should drop the idea and stick to woodworking or computer game creation.
  Please give me your thoughts.

  Sincere thanks,

Hi Selby,
The answer is very simple!  No, there is no compulsion to do reading or appear in public. It is an option only. So forget the fear and plunge into the writing. The joy of writing is the act of creation - not even publication or big sales can beat the initial artistic exercise. So enjoy!

Cheers & good luck with your novel.


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