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Dear Susan; It's me again, Joey. I live in Odessa, Ukraine. The Library has not this information. Is it possible to find it on the Internet?
Thank you for being professional with your response to me. Bye for now, Joey
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Dear Susan;
I have written my auto biography. I would like to find a publisher interested in this genre.
thank you, joey
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Hello Joey:

If you will go down to your local library and ask the reference librarian to let you see the latest edition of WRITER'S MARKET, you fill find therein hundreds of publishers interested in publishing all kinds of fiction and non-fiction. If you read the entires carefully you will also see that most of them do not accept "unsolicited manuscripts." That means you can't just finish your book and send it along and expect it to be accepted. Publishers these days have so many books coming in "over the transom" (or, rather, trying to come in over the transom) that they are in an excellent position to pick and choose. Before they will even talk to you, they want to know if your book has any chance of making money for them and for that, they use agents. Agents know what will sell and what won't. They'll know in an instant if yours will.

So now you must find an agent. There's a book about agents in the same section of your library. Read some entries. When you find one that sounds good, send along a query letter and a few chapters. Enclose a SASE, and expect to get it back right away, unless they decide to keep it for a year or so. They may sit on it that long, or longer, before you hear anything. You may never hear anything.

By this time you will have wasted, perhaps, a year or two of your life. The time has come to ask yourself some tough questions:

 1.  What have I ever done that would be of interest to anybody?
 2.  If I have not done anything that would be of interest to anybody, can I make something up? If so, perhaps you should consider writing fiction.
 3.  Is this my best work? Is it lucid, concise, satisfying to read; does it hold the attention, has it unity, cohesion and proper spelling and punctuation?  If the answer to this question is "No," you need to do some studying. Go back to the library and start at the beginning. When you are able to say "Yes" to this question, come back and we'll see what's next.

I hope this has helped. If so a nice rating would be greatly appreciated. I am proud of my "straight 10" record over 120+ questions and answers!

Hello Joey -

Well, that certainly puts a different face on things. If you are planning to publish in your home country, I probably cannot help you with that. If you are planning to publish in your home language, I cannot help you with that.

There is, however, lots and lots of help on the net. I went to google and typed in

  Writer's groups          7,220,000 hits
  Book publishers          5,310,000 hits
  How to write          69,400,000 hits
  Writing books          8,740,000 hits
  Book publishers in
    Ukraine          63,000 hits

If you search these sites carefully, I believe you will find answers to all your questions. Naturally, it will be laborious. Writing, too, is laborious. It is hard work, hard solitary work, and there's no guarantee you'll gain any reward, or that your work will even be read. You must believe strongly in yourself and in your material if you are to perservere.

If you are writing in English and hope to publish in America, we are here to help you.

I hope this has helped. If it has, a nice rating would be appreciated. I am proud of my "straight 10" record through 12+ answers.

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