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I'm trying to finish up my first book and was wondering what exactly I need to do to go about submitting the work when it is done?  I've heard various things and read various different approaches from several different authors, but I was wondering which works best?  Does sending in the full book work best, or perhaps sending in just a summary of all chapters work better?  It is my dream to be known for my writing, but I can't get anywhere unless I know how to go about it.
-James Higgins

Since you are an unknown author, you can pretty much forget about being accepted by the "big boy" publishers. They accept known-author works only.

You'll need to go with independent publishing, which will allow you much more control, keep your rights, and make more money in the long run.

Many publishing companies will take what you send them, slap it between to covers and call it publshed for about $300.00. Never go with this kind of publisher. Your book can be blackballed from the major bookstores and from pro reviewers as well.

Visit covpub.com and read through the entire site carefully for the appropriate steps to take in publishing. They don't accept just anything, but they will at least give you a chance to be heard and they are the most professional publisher on the market today. Read all site info carefully, especially about publisher recognition because they will not debate with you about your bok. If you will not alow them to creat a top-notch book for you, you will not receive their publisher backing. That's how much they value their reputation. No other publisher will do that. And they allow you to work at your own financial pace and do not demade all monies up front like all other publishers either. Check them out.


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