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First: English is not my first, and probably not the second one. :-)
I write since I was 9, and now I am 20. Sure, beginnings was uneditable, in the fact, but now I am still  fighting against mills...
I am writing on the most part sci-fi and fantasy.
But I have problems with re-editing... because all of my works are unfinished because of re-editing. Do you have some advice for me?
And second. I have a little problem with description of scenes. The most of time I was trying to describe scenes by feelings of characters but I have feeling thats not good way, because the most readers just don't feel it that way and may be confused. Any ideas?

Hello Morfeus:

For many writers, editing or re-editing while writing the first draft is a real problem - it is one I struggle with myself. If you do this you are apt to end up with a pile of unfinished manuscripts. The reason is fairly complex, having to do with the different sides of the brain: one side is creative, one practical. You are trying to use both sides of the brain at once, and that's very difficult for many people. Somehow you must learn to separate them.

With the first draft of the project, you are supposed to have fun, just write whatever comes into your head. If you are not comfortable walking along without knowing where you are going, you may want to prepare an outline.

If you feel compelled to edit as you write, try this: write one day, and edit the next. On writing day, try to relax, don't think about whether it's "good" or "bad," just play with it. If you can do an entire first draft that way, so much the better.

I'm sure you will have more questions, so please feel free to come back with them. Your question about scenes requires another visit also.

I hope this helps. If it does, a nice rating would be greatly appreciated. I am proud of my high score over 1,000 questions.

And good luck with your writing!  

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