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Hello, I'm Rima from Lithuania, I have a great stories about Soviet Union life.  I'm trying to write a great story about the Communist life in the Soviet Union

In writing a story or novel, you should go through the following steps (or their equivalent):

1) write brief notes about the the mythic/historic context -- make explicit important elements about everyday life that you might take for granted (e.g., common religious beliefs, motivations)
2) write the complete story -- everything that happens, in sequence; the actual story will start and end somewhere in the middle, but you need to know everything that happens before and after
3) write everything you know about the characters -- their backgrounds, their ages, their looks, their motivations, their interactions
4) pick the starting and ending points of the story you want to tell directly (a subset of the complete story) -- you might tell more of the complete story indirectly
5) decide what you will show or tell, what you will hint at and what will be left unshown/untold
6) decide on the perspective/point of view (first person, third person...)
7) begin writing the story or novel

Additional thought:
No one can find the topic/setting/basic situation for your novel but you.
It must be something that by its very nature fascinates you. When you sense
the beginnings of such an attraction (that might turn out to be first love,
that might be like discovery of magnetism affecting your own personal
built-in compass), start scribbling whenever anything the least bit
associated with this topic comes to mind (but especially when you wake up
remembering your dreams).  

Writing Books

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