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I have to interveiw a writer for a career project i am doing in school.  I would really apreciate if you could answer some questions for i am in dire need of this interveiw.

1. What do you do daily as a writer, what is your routine"

2. whats the definition of your job or what exactly do you do?

3. What are the hours and average pay?

4. What does it take to be a good/sucessful writer?

5. What kind of education would you recomend?

Please answer these questions.  I really need this for school.  Also I would like to know the answers because i would like to become a writer myself.


I don't know how useful my answers will be for you, but here you go:

1.  My daily routine, unfortunately, involves working a typical 9-5 job.  My "job" as a writer is entirely on my own time, whenever I can squeeze it in.  I have no particular "routine."

2.  As a writer, I'm strictly a novelist, writing book-length fiction.

3.  The hours, as I said, are whatever I can manage to do.  And lately, it hasn't been much for writing, but some for promotion.  I've been heavily promoting my recent novel, and have author appearances and signings nearly every weekend for the rest of the year.  The pay is entirely on royalties from book sales, which simply doesn't amount to much (hence the day job).

4.  Speaking purely for novel writing... it takes a lot of dedication, a willingness to sacrifice a lot of your free time, certain skills that can be learned by anyone, and yeah... a bit of talent never hurts.  Sadly, a novelist is also largely responsible for promoting his/her works, which also means that you have to be willing to talk up your work, to sort of prostitute yourself before the masses, to be a bit of a huckster.  (I hate that part.)

5.  I'd recommend an education predominantly outside the classroom.  I'm sure there are good college-level writing programs out there, but my school sure didn't have one.  There are, however, a lot of great books written on the subject, and I strongly recommend reading at least a dozen of them thoroughly.  Study the writings of others, and allow your own work to be harshly criticized by others in the field, too.  

Hope that's helpful.  If you need any clarification or expansion, let me know.

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