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Hello Mr. Wales,
I will get right to my question to keep it short.
I don't consider myself a writer, (although I have written many poems in my life). It seems that when I sit down to put my thoughts into words, the words freeze up and don't come. However, I do have a tremendously creative mind and I have come up with, what I think, are some great writing ideas that would make great movies, books.  So, are there writers out there who would welcome my ideas and they would put the ideas into life on the pages?  And if so, how would I go about finding them and would I get paid for my ideas?
Thanks for your help and advise.


I'm not going to say that such things don't happen.  Certainly, it's common in Hollywood for a writer to "pitch" an idea to the studio executives.  (Things in Hollywood are generally done by committee... very businesslike and non-creative.)  Generally, a pitch requires having much more than just "an idea" about a story, but rather, having a fully fleshed-out proposal to give them in great detail.

Outside of Hollywood, such things are less common.  Truth is, good ideas are a dime a dozen.  Coming up with the ideas is the easy part of writing a book.  Developing an idea into a story or book is far more difficult.  So I'd have to say it's highly unlikely that any struggling writer would pay you for the use of your idea.  (And non-struggling writers don't need your ideas.)

That being said, let me offer this.  There's far less genius involved in being a good writer than the common person might believe.  Many of the things that make a writer good are simply skills that can be learned.  Yes, there's a requirement for creativity (which you apparently have), and a healthy dose of innate talent can't hurt, either.  But once you've learned the skills involved with being a writer, you may find that the talent and creativity come out more easily.  So I'd suggest that you take a shot at learning those skills.  You're already "cursed" with a major part of the writing bug: the influx of ideas themselves.  Once you get past being intimidated by the writing process (of not considering yourself to be a writer), you may find a whole world opened up to you.

Best of luck!

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