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Sir; Thank you for replying to my question about my writing a book.
I was a very active Gang Crime Detective on the Chicago Police Department. Worked mostly the westside of the City. Assigned at Cabrini Green Projects (which at that time was the gang turf known as the Black Disciples.
My partners and I made many, many arrests.
Later I was injuried in the line of duty, ending my 18 year career, was placed on duty disability for 17 years until I retired in 2002. I always wanted to write this book.
Just a thought, would you be interested in writing this book with me. Thank you again.
Greg Zito

Hi Greg,
Although I am flattered by the offer of working with you, I must decline as I am involved in three other projects at the moment and busy until the end of 2007. I am sure that you will find an agent or another writer to work with you. Just remember, it will work best if it is in YOUR OWN WORDS!
All the best


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