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hi. thanks in advance for your time.

could you refer me to a writer (possibly adventure travel) who can edit my site text?

it's a relatively small project and i can
pay a fee.

many thanks.

Dear Mike:

Your query represents a conflict of interest for me.  I cannot - in good conscience - refer you to another edting group.  Neither should I sell you my group's services when I am here to 'mentor' or give my knowledge freely to the literary community I have been a part of for over thirty years.  However, allow me to mention that a fine place to begin your search for a legitimate editor is The Editorial Freelancers Association out of New York.  Their web site is  .  Other than being a past member, I have no connection to the organization and receive no remuneration from them.

I will also offer you the following important general information:

A legitimate editor will offer, without being asked, a complete list of references with contact information; a contract spelling out the services you expect to receive; and a not to be exceeded price quote before the job begins.  Editors have two ways of calculating fees.  The first is hourly.  The second is per page ( a page of text runs between 250 and 275 words).  Try to negotiate a per page agreement.

Best of luck to you!

M.L. Max Roth, Executive Editor
The Success Trust Literary Family
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