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Writing Books/request to edit travel text.


hi. thanks in advance for your time.

could you refer me to a writer (possibly adventure travel) who can edit my site text?
it's a relatively small project and i can
pay a fee.

many thanks.

Dear Mike,
thank you for your letter. I looked at your site and didn't see anything wrong with your copy. However, if you want to find a writer to help you edit it, here are some suggestions. You can find someone through the SATW - Society for American Travel Writers - at their website: They are the number one professional group that represents travel writers. You can also try It's just a website of travel writers, but they have bulletin boards where you could probably find an editor. I also do editing, but don't specialize in travel writing. But if you want me to put some work into it, here's my page:
I did notice a few things you could fix yourself on your website to make the search engines happy.
First, i suggest you shorten your meta title
"packed with bicycle touring tips for the cycle vacationer: training, planning, feasting, packing, even one-pan recipes for camp!" is long. You might consider shortening it to read: "A website with bicycle touring tips for the cycle vacationer"
Also, your keywords repeat and search engines don't like that. Repeating keywords makes the search engines spit out your site.
You have repeated the word "bicycle" 18 times, "vacation" 14 times, "tour" 13 times, etc. You only need to put each word one time and separate each word by a comma. You don't need to repeat "cycle" and "cycling," as the search engines are pretty smart. Also, use upper and lower case, especially for the countries you name. Most people will search for them in upper and lower case.
You have a lot of people linked to you, so if you refine your keywords, you should get more hits from the search engines.
Another consideration is limiting the choices on your front page to seven. You have 23. Most travel websites are narrowing the choices on the front page, with subordinate tables of contents later in the site. One of the links on the front page should lead to a contact page with your full contact info.
Your graphics and presentation are very professional.
I hope this helps.

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